Joy by Neila Ben ayedLAUGH YOURSELF DAFT workshops

The various LAUGH YOURSELF DAFT workshops are based on the principle of laughing for no reason. To laugh for no reason is to recognize joyfulness as our natural condition: no need to wait for a joke to laugh. We are encouraged to to find our well-being within us, rather than through possessions, power, and the approval of others. 

The "daft" factor, aside that the word rhymes with "laugh", represents a spirit of playfulness. It's not just the action of laughing that counts, but the attitude behind it: a willingness to see the world through the eyes of a child, in wonder and pleasure, discovering the world through playing. When a grownup becomes "too playful", they may appear "daft" in the eyes of the more serious adult. In fact being consciously daft on occasion is necessary to balance our society's overemphasis on rationality; it is essential in order to reclaim the full energy of an alive person.

Of course laughter has therapeutic virtues, popularized more and more by the media, and the LAUGH YOURSELF DAFT workshops exploit these benefits of laughter fully. But the LAUGH YOURSELF DAFT workshops go farther, by accentuating the positive, rather than concentrating on problems, and by introducing spiritual  and creative dimensions of laughter.

Laugh for no reason is the introductory workshop, suitable for all milieus, ages and occasions: the workplace, associations, social activities, schools, meetings, etc. John Lejderman presents an introduction to the idea of laughing for no reason, with audiovisual suport, followed by an active session of laughter games, adapted to the background and needs of the participants. The conference/workshop usually lasts between one and two hours.  To organize a conference/workshop in your milieu, click here for contact information.